Non Remy Hair Or Virgin Remy Hair

As a staff in the line of hair extensions for many years, i have known much about how to choose the most appropriate hair extension for the customer. There are so many colors, so many sizes, so many textures and so many kinds of hair extension in the fashion world now and if you can not tell the quality of the hair extension carefully, you will be disappointed to make yourself be satisfied with your choice. Today i want to tell something about the type of the hair. They are the non remy hair and virgin Remy Hair.?

When the customer want to buy the hair extension, the first problem they will face is whether to choose non remy hair or virgin remy hair. There are many different points between these two kinds of hair. Firstly, non remy hair can only be used less than 3 months while the virgin remy hair can be used for at least half years. Secondly, when your finger slides from the top to the bottom, for virgin remy hair, the feeling is different from bottom to the top. While for the non remy hair, the feeling is the same. Virgin remy hair has full cuticles while the non remy hair does not. So the diffrernces of feeling appears. Thirdly, the virgin remy hair is smoother and of course more expensive than the non remy hair. You must ask then finally which kind of hair should i choose? You will understand for just one example. When you buy shoes, will you buy them from the booth in the street or the brand shop? It only depends on your need. If you only need one pair of shoes which can last one summer and at the same time, you have little budget for it, then you can by the cheap one from the booth in the street. While if you want to buy one which can last two or three years and you are able to afford it, why not choose the famous brand one? It is the same with the choice between non remy hair and virgin remy hair.?

If you do not want to spend too much on the hair extension and at the same time you do not need it to last long time, you can choose the non remy hair. If you cherish the hair extension very much and you want to spend more on your beauty, then you can choose the Virgin Remy Hair. For myself, i will choose virgin remy hair because even if it is expensive at first, but it can be used much longer than the non remy hair. From the long run, it is better.?

I have heard about one brand in China which is called Kally Hair. It only supplies virgin remy hair to its customers who are very satisfied with its hair quality and service. If you want to choose the virgin remy hair, you can choose this brand :-)?

For more infomations, pls visit: www.kallyhair.com



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